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Machinery Masters – Providing Top Quality CNC Routers, Edgebander, Panel Saw, and other new, used, and late model industrial equipment.

New, Used and Late Model Industrial Machinery


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Click here for SHOPSABREIS-612 details!
Model: IS-612
Click here for SHOPSABREPRO510 details!
Model: PRO510
Click here for COMILCF-2000 details!
Brand: COMIL
Model: CF-2000
Click here for HOMAGKL76/A20 details!
Brand: HOMAG
Model: KL76/A20
Click here for HYMMENNMTKV-1600 T&B Laminator details!
Model: MTKV-1600 T&B Laminator
Click here for WEEKEBP60 details!
Brand: WEEKE
Model: BP60
Click here for BURKLEODW-2238/120 details!
Model: ODW-2238/120
Click here for MOTIONMASTERSpec 553 details!
Model: Spec 553
Click here for SHOPSABRE7214 ATC details!
Model: 7214 ATC
Click here for LAGUNASTX CNC Carver details!
Model: STX CNC Carver
Click here for SHOPSABRE4896 details!
Model: 4896
Click here for SHODANCW-516-165 details!
Brand: SHODA
Model: NCW-516-165
Click here for MOTIONMASTER7x25 details!
Model: 7x25
Click here for MOTIONMASTER5x10 5 axis details!
Model: 5x10 5 axis
Click here for QUICKWOODRO-800 details!
Model: RO-800


Equipment offered

Get Top Quality Used CNC Routers, New ShopSabre CNC Routers, Edgebander, Panel Saw

& Used Woodworking Machinery at Machinery Masters

New and Used Woodworking Equipment

Find and buy new and late-model used woodworking machinery from all over the country through our easy-to-use web platform. Machinery Masters Corporation is a leading online provider of woodworking equipment including veneer presses, melamine presses, cold presses, ripsaws and solid wood equipment, wide belt sanders, panel saws, edgebanders and moulders.

We strive to offer the best prices for all our products, whether you need a new model edgebander or a late-model panel saw. Machinery Masters offers all available brands, and we have a special relationship with lenders that allows us to provide our customers the best possible prices on repossessed equipment.

Machinery Masters offers new ShopSabre CNC Routers of all sizes and capacities. ShopSabre is made in the USA in Minnesota from American products. ShopSabre has over 4,000 units in service today. Call us today for a full presentation on the ShopSabre line.

You may search our product listings using the following main category tabs:

Alternatively, you can simply click on the “Search All Woodworking” tab to search through all of our item listings. Whether you are looking for a cold press, veneer press, melamine press, moulder, ripsaw, panel saw, edgebander or wide belt sander, you are likely to find what you need on one of our web pages. If you have any problems finding equipment, use our “Contact Us” page to get help from one of our customer representatives.

You can contact us toll free at 1-800-278-2256, email us at or by sending a letter to our business location.

Our search tool allows you to find woodworking machinery by ID, brand, model and category. Our listings include photos of the equipment, descriptions (including the condition of the equipment), the region from which the equipment is available, specifications and contact information. You can choose to click the “Request a Quote” button or the “Call Me Now” button if you wish to take action on any item.

In addition to selling woodworking machinery, we also allow our site users to advertise and sell their own machinery free of charge. Just fill out our form at We mark up the price on the item marginally to cover our promotional expenses and for a share of the profit. Your equipment appears in our database and on our sales website.

The Machinery Masters Corporation sales staff has 60 years of combined experience in the woodworking, metalworking and plastics industries. We have built a reputation around providing complete satisfaction for our customers with highly personalized service that meets the customers' requirements. Please feel free to browse through our product listings or to search for equipment that you need.



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